Another year, another Uni.

As you can guess I did not return to ‘De’ Montfort University.’

As I have said many times I cannot and will not fault the quality of the teaching staff. However the entire administration of the university is frankly disgusting.

I switched to Leicester University. Which for those who dont know is a stones throw away and the two have historic links.

The reception could not have been more different.

The entire process of having my grades from De’Montfort transfered and judged as adequate, a daunting issue. Was simple in comparison to just getting the day to day administrative issues sorted at De’Montfort.

On week one, I visited their disabilities unit and explained my issues to a wonderful woman who actually UNDERSTANDS autism. More than that she regularly engages with the cutting edge of autism issues. (We had a fruitful discussion about the problem of ‘the monetization of autism’ an issue I worry about.)

The teaching staff I’m under are as good as before with the added bonus that poetry is being looked at in depth with several poetry focused lectures in the first term. The poetry tutor, Nick Everett ,
specialises in American poetry but has far more than this to offer. His published works are scholarly yet he has an ability to get to the nub of poetic issues such as form, meter, pacing, power etc which enhance a poem without risking the beauty ( If there is any there to risk,) in his hands I have come to realise that what I thought was my greatest failing in poetry may be my greatest asset. I am probing the idea much as one probes the hole where a tooth used to be. It’s overwhelming to have such an awakening so late in life.

Likewise my main tutor, who this term is opening my eyes to the power of memoir and psychology/ neurology in writing. is one Dr Jonathan Taylor.
( )
He is a published author of fiction, poetry and memoir and under his tutelage I can see possibilities where before I saw brick walls. Like a caterpillar caught mid metamorphosis, I’m not sure where this will lead or even if I will have the ability to fully use the powerful the tools I’m being given access to. But surely things will never be quite the same for me again.

In all I fear the bar here is higher, which is good. Fear in THIS aspect is good.

No administration issues. Politeness and respect at every turn.

So at this point I feel I can thoroughly endorse leicester university (and in particular the creative writting / English dept,) as being autism friendly. More than that autism READY.

I shall follow up later with more details. Despite leaving them back in July I have recieved today an email from Demontfort asking why I havent been turning up to classes. This is what I mean.


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